New York based singer-songwriter Amy Jay creates thoughtful acoustic folk that is gentle and lush with strong emphasis on genuine, reflective lyrics. Her music deals with the struggle of life - losing friendships, dealing with relationships, and longing for something better. She got her start with music learning violin and piano at the age of seven before finding her passion of singing. After being heavily involved with her high school vocal ensembles and recording studio, she moved to New York to study and pursue music.

Her 2016 debut EP Supposed To Be (produced by Jon Seale of Brooklyn-based production outfit Mason Jar Music - Feist, Josh Garrels, Aoife O'Donovan) deals with the conflict of hope and pain we all experience, how things are not the way they are supposed to be. Amy says "the biggest thing that came out of this EP is that there is beauty in the messiness of life. I have learned that through everything that goes wrong you can find hope in it all." Songs from the EP were featured on Spotify and Apple playlists, have accumulated over a half million streams worldwide. Critics called Supposed To Be "a smart mix of folk and atmospheric pop music" (HIGH CLOUDS) and that "listening to it feels like floating down a dreamy river, calmly propelled by the current" (EUPHORIA MAGAZINE). Although mostly acoustic in style, the music often features large and lush arrangements with string sections and intricate percussion. Performing mostly in and around New York, NY - she played a Communion Music showcase in September 2016, multiple rounds at singer-songwriter staple Rockwood Music Hall, and at long running Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA before making a stopover at Hotel Utah in San Francisco.

In 2018 Amy released her second EP, So It Is. Also produced by Jon Seale, the EP spans six songs and is a reflection on the events of life and personal acceptance and garnered attention from EARMILK, the Drunken Coconut, and alexrainbird.


Marketing Drivers

  • Debut EP 'Supposed to Be' Producer by Jon Seale of Mason Jar Music and mastered by Alan Silverman

  • Second EP ‘So It Is‘ released in 2018 also produced by Jon Seale

  • Over 600,000 streams worldwide

  • Over 350,000 streams on Spotify

  • Over 100,000 streams on Google Play Music

  • Over 45,000 streams on Apple Music

  • Playlisting on Apple Music's 'A-List: Singer/Songwriter'

  • Playlisting on Apple Music's 'Best of the Week' in the UK/Ireland

  • Playlisting on Apple Music's 'New Artists: Singer/Songwriter'

  • Playlisting on Spotify's 'Folk & Friends'

  • Playlisting on Spotify's 'Fresh Finds: Six Strings'

  • Playlisting on Youtube’s AlexRainBird Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation November 2018

  • Charted on Spotify's 'Viral Hits Canada'

  • Appearance on Spotify's 'Just Blogged' playlist by the Hype Machine

  • Appearance on iTunes 'New Artist Spotlight' for Singer/Songwriter

  • Light rotation of "Only One" on WRFI in Ithaca, NY

  • Christmas song "In A Whisper" released December 1, 2016

  • Lyric video for "Only One" produced by Andy DeLuca (Wolf Alice, The Struts, Gallant, Lauv, Bayside)

  • Remix for "Only One" produced by ELIS - Elliot Jacobson (VÈRITÈ, KAYE) and Chris Leon (MERCI RAINES, LANEY LYNX)

  • Official Music video for “Grief” produced by Casey Sincic (Little Miss Perfect, The Wannabe, The Goblin Song)

  • Live performance video session with Sound & Color Media, July 2019

  • Interview and live performance video session with City View Sound, August 2019

Notable Shows

  • Performed for Communion Music showcase in September 2016

  • Performed for Millennium Music Conference showcase Feb 2017

  • Performed in festival spot at Musikfest August 2017, August 2019

  • Performed in festival spot at Canadian Music Week 2019

  • Selected for festival spot at Indie Week 2019 (Toronto, CA)

  • Regular performer at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall

  • Regular performer at Sofar Sounds (New York, Philadelphia, Boston)


  • EARMILK - “The single is a mellow, gentle record that captures the essence of her unique take on acoustic folk. Over a surreal, nostalgia-inducing soundscape provided by Brooklyn based producer Jon Seale of Mason Jar Music (Feist, Josh Garrels, Aoife O’Donovan), the soft-spoken act delivers a rich, expressive performance that resonates deeply within the soul. Her passionate vocals are only matched by the smooth ambient soundscape she sings over and her genuine, reflective lyrics that everyone can easily relate to.”

  • WHEN THE HORN BLOWS - “Undeniably beautiful in every way a song could be. Sure, it’s wholesome, but it’s also a very thrilling listen. ‘Hourglass’ highlights Amy’s gift at creating vivid, natural imagery in her lyrics that evoke all of the senses and offers escapism from our own individual reality. ‘Hourglass’ also poignantly philosophizes the passing of time, loving bravely and living in the moment and we are rooting for a happy ending in her love story.”

  • HIGH CLOUDS - "Amy Jay‘s music will remind you of Laura Marling and by reaching the first spot of iTunes’ New Artist Spotlight, she shows that she is maybe as talented as her. The New York-based singer-songwriter will drop her debut “Supposed To Be EP” on July 15 and the second single, “Only One”, is a smart mix of folk and atmospheric pop music."

  • EUPHORIA MAGAZINE - "Supposed to Be is soft and brightly nuanced. Jay’s voice is elegant and self assured, and the smooth production envelops us into her world with no complaint. Thoughtful and at times melancholy, the music manages to beguile us with earnestness. Listening to it feels like floating down a dreamy river, calmly propelled by the current."

  • PLAYTOOMUCH - Guest Post "The biggest thing that came out of this EP is that there is beauty in the messiness of life. I have learned that through everything that goes wrong you can find hope in it all."